Which countries have longest life expectancy and diet italy spain

With a combined life expectancy of Paella is the most popular for lunch and considered so filling by Spaniards that they customarily do not eat it for dinner. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development also ranked European countries and found Spain below average for household income, employment, education, literacy, math and science, air pollution and water quality.

The Swiss's long lives could be due to their sense of community. Malay, Indian, Bengali, Indonesian and Chinese cuisines all play major roles in the Singaporeans diet. This chart shows the change in life expectancy from to Its Also some studies have shown that traditional Chinese cuisine help fight heart disease.

What is the island nation's secret to long, healthy lives? Australian Diet: France Known for fine wine, fine cheese, and fine aging overall, France starts off our list of countries with the longest lifespans. The traditional Japanese diet, rich in fish and vegetables, is one of the primary factors that lead to a long life.

Lifestyle and social systems also play a beneficial role. Nagano's health index is among the best nationally. Spaniards are the foodies of Europe.

This Country Is To Have the World’s Highest Life Expectancy by 2040

China, which had a life expectancy of Most junk foods are made from all plant sources such as: Spain ranks highly in lists of healthy countries; most recently, it tied for first place in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report.

A rare exception to the universal healthcare model in Europe, Switzerland has a system where health insurance is private, but does need to be available for all.

The Spanish diet is more similar to the Moroccan while the Greek diet is similar to the Turkish. Some of the countries that have the longest life expectancy, you might not realize, so we are going to tell you about them. The obesity epidemic does not exist in Spain either. The remainder of the top 10 will feature Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Israel, France, Luxembourg, and Australia, according to the study.

Despite an influx of foreign businesses and their practices, this still remains indigenous and unchanged. Of the countries and territories analyzed, Lesotho will have the lowest life expectancy, with an average of Chiyo Miyako,of Japan died last month as the oldest person in the world.

Singapore Singapore will have a life expectancy of Studies have suggested that Okinawans have 80 percent fewer cases of heart disease and cancer compared to Americans. In a worst-case result, Lesotho's life expectancy could be as low as Some factors that have propelled them higher up the list include a diet rich in vegetables and fish and, in the case of Portugal, working to lower the amount of sugar in everyday products.

Churros are the sweetest and most popular option. But a study in the journal Lancet says Spain will earn the first-place post by with a life expectancy of The fried dough is rolled in sugar and served with a warm mug of hot chocolate. Diet is mostly consist of vegetables and seafood.

Known for particularly pure water, and exceedingly high rates of education, Sweden is likely to remain on this list for many years to come. Spaniards do not obsess over calorie intake and low fat alternatives. With a fish and olive oil heavy diet in the south in particular, Italy has long been known as a land of old men and olive groves talking about the news of the day.

The southern diet is typically lighter since the weather is warmer. Americans' average life expectancy will go up only 1.The life expectancy is shown separately for males and females, as well as a combined figure.

Several non- sovereign entities are also included in this list. The figures reflect the quality of healthcare in the countries listed as well as other factors including ongoing wars, obesity, and HIV infections. Who lives longest?

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Spain Is Set to Have the Longest Life Expectancy—Here's Why

Back. Next. Back. Next. Life expectancy. What's the secret to a long life? Where you live is a big factor. Countries that Author: CBS News. These 8 countries have the highest life expectancy in the world due to healthy diet, quality healthcare, less infectious diseases and less stressful lawsonforstatesenate.com: Positivemed.

· Japan has had the longest life expectancy in the world for years.

Spain set to have longest life expectancy in the world

But a study in the journal Lancet says Spain will earn the first-place post by with a life expectancy of years. Japan will soon lose its long-standing title as the country with the longest life lawsonforstatesenate.com: Peter Kotecki. Spain Is Set to Have the Longest Life Expectancy—Here's Why Spain Is Set to Have the Longest Life Expectancy—Here's Why It has something to do with a diet and lifestyle you've probably heard about.

Let's see which country has the longest life expectancy: The Chinese people in Hong Kong have highest per capita meat consumption in the world, they have world's longest life expectancy (see United Nations data), their health index is among the best in the world!

Which countries have longest life expectancy and diet italy spain
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