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It combined Dutch elements highpitched tile roofs with porches, open kitchens, and servants quarters suited to the climate and social system. Indonesia annually provides the greatest number of pilgrims to Mecca. Mass education became a major government priority for the next five decades.

Particularly vulnerable were remote peoples and animals in forested areas where timber export concessions were granted to powerful individuals. Among Muslims they are governed by Muslim law and may be settled in Muslim courts, or as with non-Muslims, they may be settled in the government's civil court.

Rituals of traditional belief systems mark life-cycle events or involve propitiation for particular occasions and are led by shamans, spirit mediums, or prayer masters male or female. The above patterns are national, but there are ethnic and regional variations.

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Major Muslim annual rituals are Ramadan the month of fastingIdul Fitri the end of fastingand the hajj pilgrimage. He used this term to contrast his rule with that of his predecessor, Sukarno dubbed the "Old Order," or Orde Lama.

Batak who migrate to cities in Java organize evening lessons to instruct newcomers in proper behavior with the majority Javanese and Sundanese with whom they will live and work. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries a more complex society developed in Java and some other parts of the Indies, which created a greater demand for trained people in government and commerce than the aristocratic classes could provide, and education was somewhat more widely provided.

Ethnically diverse traders and local peoples used Malay in ports and hinterlands in its grammatically simplified form known as "market Malay. Though Indonesia is a Muslim nation, the status of women is generally considered to be high by outside observers, though their position and rights vary considerably in different ethnic groups, even Muslim ones.

Dutch is not known by most young and middle-aged people, including students and teachers of history who cannot read much of the documentary history of the archipelago. Houses are often tightly squeezed together, particularly in Java's large cities. The majority of people in many cities live in small stone and wood or bamboo homes in crowded urban villages or compounds with poor access to clean water and adequate waste disposal.

Polygamy is recognized among Muslims, some immigrant Chinese, and some traditional societies, but not by Christians. In villages many problems are never reported to the police but are still settled by local custom and mutual agreement mediated by recognized leaders. Many such regions have become government provinces, as are the latter three above.

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Such a division may also be recognized at divorce. Political and economic power becomes linked to both ethnicity and religion as groups favor their own kinsmen and ethnic mates for jobs and other benefits. Mystical cults are well established among the Javanese elite and middle class, and members of many ethnic groups still follow traditional belief systems.

The vice president, Megawati Sukarnoputri, a woman, was a candidate for president, though her reputation derives mainly from her father, Sukarno, the first president. The next five hundred to one thousand years saw great states arise with magnificent architecture.

Above, we listed our favorite quotes about health, but surely we left some of the best quotes off the list. People sit properly with feet on the floor and uncrossed legs while guests, men, and elders are given the best seating and deference.

In Octoberthe MPR elected a compromise candidate, Abdurrahman Wahidas the country's fourth president, and Megawati Sukarnoputri —a daughter of Sukarno—as the vice-president. Traditional houses, which are built in a single style according to customary canons of particular ethnic groups, have been markers of ethnicity.

Thus Chinese Indonesians became a major force in the economy, controlling today an estimated 60 percent of the nation's wealth though constituting only about 4 percent of its population. About 60 percent of the population are farmers who produce subsistence and market-oriented crops such as rice, vegetables, fruit, tea, coffee, sugar, and spices.Just one thing, Indonesia is NOT a Muslim Nation, Indonesia is a Republic nation with Muslim is a majority population.

It's very different. Indonesia is a republic with a presidential system. Indonesia is officially recognizes not only Islam, but also Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. We live in diversity but totally not Muslim country. Following the Indonesian riots of May and the resignation of President Suharto, several political reforms were set in motion via amendments to the Constitution of Indonesia, which resulted in changes to all branches of government.

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Quotes diet indonesia
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